Winemaking on the Edge

The most radical Pinot Noir winery in the world is set in a most unexpected place, British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. Here, latitude and altitude conspire. Volcanic and glacial soils cling to precipitous hillsides and imbue grapes with complexity and elegance at harvest. Our unique, six-level, gravity-flow winery transforms them into wine made in the gentlest way possible.


The Okanagan Valley

The place, inimitable in the world of wine. Ancient volcanic soil and glacial till from two glacial retreats. Warm days, cool nights and the lowest rainfall and humidity of any wine-producing region. Steep vineyards at 50˚ latitude and altitudes between 400 to 600m above sea level. A dramatic landscape offering new frontiers of taste and terroir.



With its sun-scorched earth and jagged rocky hillsides, the North Okanagan is a place where the elements reign. Designed by renowned architect, Tom Kundig, the building reflects these elements in forms for Corten steel, concrete & glass carved into the hillside.


100% Gravity

Gently made by gravity, delicate Pinot Noir moves from vine, to barrel and into to bottle, with only minimal intervention. The winery, nestled into the hillside, is the armature by which this transformation is realized.  The winery is designed to simply produce world-class pinot noir.

I see my challenge as capturing the amazing light and allowing each bottle to reflect our dynamic sites and seasons.

Shane Munn General Manager & Winemaker

The people

shane munn, winemaker

Intuitive & detail-obsessed, Shane Munn’s winemaking experience from his native New Zealand to North America and Barolo, offers both breadth and depth to his thinking. Elements of tradition & innovation, art and authenticity drive his winemaking ideology.

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